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Behind the Scenes - Disagreements Disputes and conflict:

How to understand and begin to resolve them


Caring Matters - supporting the Aged and 

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Dealing with Depression

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  Even When I am Old by Norman Fitchett Link

Fellowship Matters.

Thoughts on Fellowship and Ecclesial Membership. 

  Matters of Personal Sexuality Link
  Relationship Loss: A Journey Towards Healing Link
pdf   Addiction - support for parents Link
pdf   Bereavement Leaflet Link
pdf   Building a Marriage Course Link

  Introducing the CSN Link
  Keeping your Computer Safe Link
pdf   Leaving Home - support for students Link
pdf   Why the change? CCG to CSN Link
pdf   Youth Matters for youth leaders Link

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All booklets are free of charge, though we appreciate any donations towards publishing costs, postage & packing for multiple (10+) copy orders.

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