Awareness Days

Awareness Day: Relationships & Sexuality - Living With Our Humanity

Held on Saturday November 14 2015 at the Quinborne Community Centre, Birmingham

This day was organised because the CSN had become increasingly aware of the impact of our present culture of sex and sexuality on the lives of brothers and sisters and our young people. As part of our aims to encourage awareness of matters concerning our community we decided to arrange an Awareness Day on the subject of relationships and sexuality.

It is astonishing and challenging that something which God gave as an intimate and beautiful relationship should cause such problems and be subject to such misuse. We are part of the human race and so are part of the imperfection, misuse and misunderstanding of what God has given. We are influenced by how the world around us uses and addresses the sexual relationship. We judge others on what we see as imperfections to God’s ideal.

There is a God given desire in all of us for a relationship that will meet our needs for love, support and intimacy. How do we respond to others whose relationships fail or differ from our own expectations?

There are differences in all of us: some from birth, some from emotional injury in childhood or adolescence and some from our weakness and failures in our relationships.

What did God intend? How does our Heavenly Father manage difference, weakness or failure in His children?

The aims of the day were not to define or label these differences but recognise and acknowledge we are all imperfect in some way. We seek to understand how we manage imperfection in ourselves and how we react to and understand what appears to be imperfection in the behaviour of others

to consider what God intended for his creation and how does our Heavenly Father manage difference, weakness or failure in His children
to seek to recognise, understand, acknowledge and how to manage  the human condition in ourselves
to consider how we react to and understand difference and what appears to be imperfection in the behaviour of others

We invited everyone to complete an anonymous online survey, you can see the headline results here

You can request the presentation: Relationships and Sexuality by Andrew Collinge. 




Awareness Day - Caring for Others

Held on 7th March 2015 at Newbury Ecclesia's hall

The day will aimed to cover the subject of caring for others in terms of looking at it from different perspectives.  The relationship between the carer and the one being cared for can be very close and deep but that in itself can lead to stress and anxiety on both sides. During the day we shared experiences and feelings within this complex subject and considered how to support each other as we examined how we can be supportive to others in our ecclesias.


Awareness Day - CHILDREN WITH SPECIAL NEEDS - Worcester

Held Saturday 15th November 2014 at Worcester Christadelphian Hall

All our children need to be part of ecclesial life, both in giving and receiving and this is no less the case where children have additional needs.  To achieve this effectively, knowledge and understanding are required. 
The day aimed to aid understanding of how children with special needs and their families can be supported and included:
•    An overview of children with special needs
•    A talk on autism 
•    Personal testimonies 
•    A question and answer session
The day ended with a short devotional service

Report of the Day - with contact details

My Life, by Evan Smith - Rachel talks to Evan who has autism



Tackling the Taboo - ANXIETY

Saturday 19th July 2014 at Solihull Ecclesial Hall

 In response to the survey "Tackling the Taboo" circulated online summer 2013, a committee of the same name has been formed with the aim of running events for young people (approx. ages 16-30) where the subjects identified in the survey as being of importance to young people can be carefully considered.

The first of these meetings considered the topic of anxiety and the impact on sufferers and those supporting them.

There were talks on both practical and spiritual elements, as well as a number of breakout sessions in the afternoon for group discussion or personal reflection.

This committee is supported by the Christadelphian Support Network which has first hand experience of this and other sensitive and relevant real-life issues.

Email us to request the slide deck presented on the day, plus these downloads are available:

pdf iconSelf Help

pdf iconAre you anxiety aware?