Professional Advice

Introduction to Professionals

You may be referred to a brother or sister with professional skills such as a solicitor, financial adviser or counsellor.

They are part of the CSN because they want to help their brothers and sisters in need.

As professionals they are required to work within a code of practice often instituted by law which places certain requirements on them and the advice they  give.

For this reason you may find that they are only able to give general advice and support which may not be specific to your own situation.

Should you wish to consult them on a professional basis  you should  expect to enter into some form of contract with them and to pay appropriate fees.  If there is a possibility of fees being payable this will always be made clear to you from the outset of any meeting so you will not be left in any  doubt of the situation.

Not all will require a fee. It may be just a nominal amount, for example £1. Financial resources are available to help if necessary.