Welcome to the Christadelphian Support Network

Bringing together those in need and seeking help, and the skills and experience of brothers and sisters in the love of the Father in Christ Jesus.

Do you need help?

Someone to share your problem? However great or small, don't suffer alone, someone else has been there. Somebody can help.

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Brothers and sisters with professional skills and life experience accessible through the Helpline

Our Helpline:  0800 9545 099 and choose option 1

(All calls in confidence by trained volunteers)

Our Confidential Email Support:  help@chsn.org.uk

Also check out Confidentiality and how the Helpline works

We respect and value the privacy of everyone who provides personal information to us. Please see our Privacy Notice.


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Coronavirus: isolation and loneliness link

New Section under Resources/Spiritual - Faith and Doubt


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Important Additional Responsibilities for Safeguarding and Protecting People affecting all UK Brotherhood Charities and all Ecclesias  here

You can now donate to CSN's work at wonderful.org.  Details here