There may be times when brothers and sisters who use the CSN will feel unhappy or dissatisfied with the service we offer.

When we pick up the phone or send an email we may be feeling particularly vulnerable. We come expressing our needs and each has expectations of what we think the CSN is able to give.

Sometimes we at CSN may fail to meet those needs and expectations.

We would ask that in the spirit of Matthew 18 you make contact us. 

The email link below is to the committee coordinator Gordon Dawes (and a second committee member) who will arrange for an investigation to be initiated.

Email: Complaints

An acknowledgement will be made within 24 hrs and you will be notified of the outcome within thirty days.

We promise our response will:

  • Be written
  • Answer all points of concern
  • Be factually correct
  • Be signed by the person responsible for the reply
  • Contain details of the respondent