Fellowship Matters

In recent years, it has become apparent during CSN work in counselling, support and mediation both with individuals and ecclesias, that there is a need for more information, guidance and scriptural consideration of the principles and practice of fellowship within the community.

There have been times where it has become apparent that the scriptural principles of fellowship and the purpose of and reasons for exclusion from membership were neither appreciated nor understood.

This booklet seeks to cover the subjects of fellowship, ecclesial membership and aspects of ecclesial discipline in a way that is designed to be thought provoking and to stimulate discussion, rather than being dogmatic in areas of difference.

From its original conception in early 2017 to its present form, the booklet has undergone numerous drafts and the CSN committee is very appreciate of the input of many brothers and sisters who have reviewed, criticised, commented and added to the original content.

As part of CSN’s objectives to raise awareness of difficult issues and to encourage compassionate care in our community, we offer this booklet with our prayers that it will help to bring about a greater spirit of resolution and restoration, reflecting the love of the Father shown towards each of us in the Lord Jesus Christ.


  • Preface
  • Foreword
  • Introduction 
  • Serving the Ecclesia
  • What do we understand by shared fellowship? 
  • The process to be followed in dealing with serious concerns
  • The scriptural basis of withdrawal or suspension of membership
  • The process of coming to a decision
  • Repentance 
  • Reasons for withdrawal of membership 
  • Consequences
  • The letter of resignation
  • Publicising decisions
  • Withdrawal by constitution
  • Long term non-attendance
  • Responding to a request for re-membership 
  • Rebuilding the ecclesial community  
  • Summary 
  • Appendix 1. The misplaced concept of keeping the ecclesia “pure”
  • Appendix 2 What is the spiritual meaning of dis-fellowship?
  • Appendix 3 Implications of GDPR on ecclesial records?

The CSN Committee


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