How do I volunteer to offer my skills to CSN?

We welcome offers from any brother or sister whose professional or life skills and aptitude could benefit CSN in delivering it's aim to help those in need.   Please complete this form.

How do I contact the Christadelphian Support Network UK for help? 

There is a national Helpline at local call rates:  0800 9545 099  which is manned by a rota of skilled brothers and sisters and also a confidential Email account at help@chsn.org.uk. Although we would like to provide 24/7 coverage, this is not always possible and so messages may be left and will be followed up within a few hours. 

Those on the rota who answer the calls are called “First Contacts”. They have access to our database of “Second Contacts” who collectively have a wealth of experience and professional knowledge and skills. With the caller’s consent the first contact will arrange an introduction to a second contact brother or sister who can offer appropriate support.

Contact information for the CSN is published in the ALS Diary and on wallet cards and bookmarks which are freely available to all ecclesias in the UK; just ask if you'd like some for your ecclesia.

Do I need to be a Christadelphian to be helped by CSN?

No, CSN will help anyone who approaches us. But you should be aware that what makes our support unique is that all of our volunteers will underpin their listening, counselling, life experience and ideas with their belief in the Bible, the love of God and the grace we have in Jesus Christ.

What similar support exists outside the UK?

Canada:  http://caringnetwork.ca/

Australia: www.adelphicare.org/


How is the Christadelphian Support Network UK organised? 

An executive committee, made up of members selected from the membership and the trustees is responsible for the day to day running of the charity and overseeing the organisation of the services it offers and the events it organises. The Coordinator acts as spokesperson to the membership on behalf of the executive committee.

The trustees are accountable for ensuring best practice in all activities of the charity through ensuring sound governance as per guidance given by  the Charity Commission.

All executive committee members and trustees are encouraged to familiarise themselves with the guidance issued by the Charity Commission.

Committee membership is subject to being in ecclesial fellowship.

Find out more about CSNs origins, aims and structure in the pdf presentatioin here


How do I know the advice given is acceptable? 

The CSN offers support. We listen. If counselling is thought to be of help then this is offered. Counselling has been defined as “one person helping another to help themselves”. As far as possible we avoid giving advice.

What other activities does the Christadelphian Support Network organise?

Event information

Praise and Fellowship Day:  Our annual Praise & Fellowship Day is held in the Autumn. Practical issues involving pastoral care are discussed in the light of scripture with praise and prayer. Invitations are sent to CSN members and all UK ecclesias.

Fellowship Weekends:  Our residential Fellowship Weekends are for quiet fellowship, support and encouragement and are held in Worcestershire.  Set in beautiful countryside, they have an atmosphere conducive to worship and relaxation. Their objectives are to help brothers and sisters in reappraisal, learning, spiritual growth, sharing and caring. Contact us if your would like information on future Fellowship Weekends.

Awareness Days:  As part of our aim to encourage awareness of matters affecting our brothers and sisters, we arrange a programme of events around the country. These have included: 

  • Addiction
  • Bridging the Gap (different age groups working together)
  • Bullying
  • Caring for Others
  • Child Protection Policy for ecclesias
  • ​Children with Special Needs
  • Cyberspace, Friend or Foe (Keeping our children and young people safe in an online world)
  • Relationships in the ecclesia 
  • Managing Conflict 
  • Managing Personal Finances 
  • Marriage Enrichment 
  • Mental Health 
  • Mentioning the Unmentionable (Physical and sexual abuse, homosexuality and gender issues, drug and alcohol abuse)
  • Needs and Concerns of Young People 
  • Parenting 
  • Pastoral Helping Skills 
  • Supporting the Aged

If you would like to host an Awareness Day at your ecclesia, please contact us.