Governance and Quality Assurance

When Christadelphian Support Network was first formed as the Care Group in 1982 a loving and caring service was offered by volunteer brothers and sisters who had the needs of their fellow believers at heart and many have received the support they needed over the intervening years.

However, expectations change over time and nowadays it is no longer enough to do good things, but there is a need to be able to show that good things are being done.

Good governance is a requirement of the Charity Commission and an expectation of those using our service, the Christadelphian community and the public.  The trustees of the CSN are accountable for delivering a service that provides those in need with consistent, high quality care and support.  You can find details of the trustees here.

We have recently been focussing on the following:

Training our First Contacts - Our ten volunteers who cover the Helpline have all attended training in skills and processes to develop their effectiveness in their work.  Annual training will become a requirement for all First Contacts going forward.

Safeguarding - Protection of vulnerable adults and children is an ethical obligation for us. Keeping safe those who we become aware are at risk is the only circumstance when we would break confidentiality with a caller.  We have updated our safeguarding policy and communicating this to our First Contacts was a key element of their recent training.

Supervision of First Contacts - Our First Contacts have a suitably qualified supervisor to whom they can turn for support and advice.  They can discuss cases they have handled, though without identifying the caller.  This support has been reactive, but is now set in place to be a proactive contact with the First Contact calling their supervisor at least at the end of their period of duty to receive support, along with coaching and development in their call handling.

Better understanding what our Second Contacts can offer - We are re-validating our Second Contacts Professionals (those who offer to help from the basis of their trained employment as compared to life experience) to gain more full information for our database on their experience and qualifications so that they may be better matched with callers in need. This includes confirming their current status, qualifications, professional registration and having professional indemnity insurance.

We want to continue to improve.  If you have feedback, ideas or suggestions please contact us.

If you feel we have let you down, there is a complaints process you can follow.  We treat any complaints seriously, seeing them as an opportunity to learn and improve.