Why Help may be Needed

A brother or sister may be desperate for help and yet unable to approach someone in his or her own ecclesia to ask for help.

Calls have covered:

Bereavement, loneliness, illness, long term caring, depression, loss, guilt, personal relationships, family and marital breakdown, financial problems, crises of faith, difficulties specific to young people: the list is endless…

Arranging committees may be faced with a serious problem in their ecclesia and feel that they do not have the necessary expertise to deal with it.

So where do our brothers and sisters go for help?

  • The Citizens’ Advice Bureau?
  • The General Practitioner with possible referral to counselling?
  • The Local Authority?
  • Social Services?
  • The Samaritans?

As a community we are blessed with brothers and sisters who have a variety of professional expertise and others who have had personal experience of particular problems. These brothers and sisters are willing to use their knowledge and experience to help others.

The CSN exists to bring together those who seek help and those who offer help.