Tackling Anxiety

Tackling the Taboo - ANXIETY

Saturday 19th July 2014 at Solihull Ecclesial Hall

 In response to the survey "Tackling the Taboo" circulated online summer 2013, a committee of the same name has been formed with the aim of running events for young people (approx. ages 16-30) where the subjects identified in the survey as being of importance to young people can be carefully considered.

The first of these meetings considered the topic of anxiety and the impact on sufferers and those supporting them.

There were talks on both practical and spiritual elements, as well as a number of breakout sessions in the afternoon for group discussion or personal reflection.

This committee is supported by the Christadelphian Support Network which has first hand experience of this and other sensitive and relevant real-life issues.

Following this event the following downloads are available:

pdf iconPP Presentation

pdf iconSelf Help

pdf iconAre you anxiety aware?