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Christ and Gender Roles

This is a topic of current discussion both across the Christian church and in the Christadelphian community and as part of the aim of the CSN to Encourage Awareness, we are posting this item.

Traditional Christianity has established gender distinctions in its religious service, based primarily on a couple of apparently explicit passages in the apostle Paul's writings, together with echoes and inferences from earlier contexts.

In a series of talks, originally for his own church's Bible class, John Launchbury carefully and systematically explores Bible teaching, working from the principle that as a community we are used to wrestling with what we initially might perceive as conflicts in scripture teaching. 

We provide a link below to these talks (with permission) where, rather than taking a literal interpretation of a few verses, he shows that the passages, usually used to support gender-distinctions in religious service, actually deserve a closer look and a more engaging interpretation.    


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The “New Normal” – When we meet again.

CSN recently emailed Suggested Guidelines on Social and Physical Distancing When Meeting to all church secretaries in the UK. 

As churches consider their return to physical meetings, the need is evident for all those attending to maintain a certain distance from each other for some time to come, especially while the coronavirus remains active and the national vaccination programme is incomplete.  Handshakes, and closer expressions of friendship like hugging and kissing, are necessarily to be treated with caution for some time to come.   

Read our full email here



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