Life after marriage breakdown

Marriages do fail.

Some brothers and sisters live separately and some are divorced sometimes against their wishes.

Some choose to live alone, leading celibate lives.

Some have found this too difficult and have remarried.

All have experienced great emotional pain and upheaval in their lives. Some have lost their faith. Some have found a greater faith through their trials. All experience feelings of regret and guilt. Those that wish to remain in our household of faith often experience a harsh reality that they are unwelcome at many ecclesias and fellowship activities.

To support those whose marriages have failed and discuss the impact of these issues on the lives of bothers and sisters and their families lives, does not change the beauty and wonder of the God given relationship which calls and challenges us all. It does not devalue the principle of marriage which remains unchanged. Our Awareness Days face up to the difficulties these brothers and sisters experience.

These are some testimonies and a summary from the June 2010 Awareness Day

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pdf Conclusions of Day
pdf But what about the children?
pdf No one wants their parents divorced