Domestic Abuse and Violence

Abuse and Violence in a Relationship

There is no excuse for domestic abuse, sexual abuse or violence in any relationship but it does happen between couples and children and parents.

It is against the law. Physical assault has always been a criminal offence. From 2015, coercive and controlling behaviour is now also a criminal offence.

The aim of this page is to

  • offer support to those in an abusive relationship including how to identify if you are in an abusive relationship. and 
  • to increase awareness and offer guidance for Ecclesias by providing information and links.

If you think you are in such a relationship - or have been in the past, please ensure you have  someone to support you before you work through this section. It is important that you do not face this alone.

Safety is of paramount importance. If you feel at risk it might be better not to leave paper or electronic copies available where they may be inadvertently found. Consider deleting your browsing history and otherwise be careful to not accidentally disclose your interest in this topic to a person who is threatening you. The best course of action is to make other trusted people aware of how you feel.

Use our Help Email or our Helpline 0800 9545 099 choose option 1 and ask to speak to our trained Designated Safeguarding  Lead.

Here are some links to the Government Web Site:

  • Domestic Abuse how to get help Link
  • How to report Stalking. Link

Some information below is taken from Worcestershire UK Forum Against Domestic Abuse and Sexual Violence. All UK Local Authorities now have in place support teams. Police are being trained to manage Domestic Abuse and their prime concern is safety.

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Controlling and Coercive behaviour became a criminal
offence on the 29 December 2015
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Children and the Effect of Parental Abuse Link
Australian Web site "Hear Believe Act" to challenge Ecclesias and provide support.


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