Volunteer-pdf-update 2020

Volunteer Update 2020

Dear Friend and Volunteer
We are very grateful for your support and would appreciate your spending a few minutes completing this Adobe pdf form linked here. Please email us for a link to a Word Document.

You will have received a mailing from us in the last few days laying out the information you have provided to us over the years, much of which we guess is out of date.
So here is an opportunity to tell us about any changes.

The options are:

  1. Save this pdf form on your device and complete it by typing in the information. Then email it to us as an attachment to admin@chsn.org.uk or
  2. Print out the form and complete it then scan/photo it and send it back by email as an attachment to admin@chsn.org.uk
  3. Print out the form, complete it and post it back to us or
  4. Phone us to update our records.

Whichever way suits you best. Contact details on on the form.

All Information given is treated in confidence.  Any requests for help will be referred to you only after first receiving your permission. 

Your support is very much appreciated. 

Please see our Privacy Notice at www.chsn.org.uk/privacy.