Walking in Love: Sisters' Day

Seeking to honour God and the Lord Jesus Christ

Our days are about encouraging sisters, female friends and family in their everyday lives and in their understanding of God’s Love and Grace.


  • To build us up in our faith; lift us up in His love and strengthen us in His purpose
  • To become expressions of God’s love in our lives

‚ÄčVision and Purpose

  • To develop a closer relationship with God, the Lord Jesus and with each other
  • Inspire and equip women to use their talents to serve God and others
  • Provide a safe, loving and unique space where women can learn, share experiences and worship God together


  • Inspire, empower and mentor
  • Encourage and comfort
  • Share life experiences
  • Study and learn from the bible
  • Worship and prayer
  • Arts and music
  • Practical life application
  • Fellowship

 Lord, our Lord, how majestic is your name in all the earth.  Psalm 8.1