Sisters' Day

Sisters' Day: Aims

Seeking to honour God's Holy Name through the Lord Jesus Christ

Our days are about sisters encouraging sisters in their journey to the Kingdom and enhancing our relationship with the Lord God and the Lord Jesus Christ, and with each other.

Our days are for sisters, female friends and family members too. We pray that we might reach out and lead other women seeking God to a greater understanding of His Love and Purpose. 

Our Sisters’ Days, therefore, are for all women – sisters, female relatives and friends of any age who are seeking to develop a closer relationship with the Lord God and the Lord Jesus Christ. 

Our concern is with spiritual values and our individual walk with God. We do not wish to get involved with controversies or negativity: that's not what we are about. We are women seeking God and a close relationship with Him and the Lord Jesus Christ. We pray we may become expressions of God's love in our lives.

Our Aims are to: 

Build us up in our faith; lift us up in His Love and strengthen us in his purpose. 

The Goals of our Activities are:

To promote the spiritual well-being of those who attend. Eph 3:14-20

To provide and encourage opportunities for sharing with a view to increased mutual understanding, acceptance, empathy and love for one another. 1 Cor 13; Rom 12:9-16; Heb 10:24

To provide a place for discussion of spiritual and practical issues affecting the everyday walk of sisters in Christ and women seeking God. Phil 2:1-5; John 17:3; 2C or 1:3-4

To have opportunities to worship together using our God-given talents. Psalm 150; Col 3:16; Ex 15:20-21

To enjoy God’s creation and each other’s company

To improve our prayer skills. Phil 4:4-7

Study topics preferred for our days together are those that: 

  • Promote a strong relationship with the LORD and with one another
  • Increase our awareness of God’s Grace
  • Develop our study skills.
  • Enhance our understanding of the Word of God and its application in our lives.

“May God the Father and Jesus Christ, the Father’s Son, give us grace, mercy, and peace; may they be ours in truth and love” 2 John v3 GNB 


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