Relationship Loss Booklet


RELATIONSHIP LOSS - a journey towards healing

There really are no adequate words to describe how we may feel when our ‘life map’ has been torn up. All that was hoped and planned for has changed beyond all recognition. Loss is often associated with bereavement but a sense of loss can extend into other relationship situations such as the loss of expectations in a marriage damaged by unfaithfulness or abuse, the end of a relationship following separation or divorce or even the loss of what might have been in terms of our hopes for a relationship which may never have come to fruition.

We have tried to cover as many issues as possible, but this short book cannot be exhaustive in terms of every circumstance of loss in which we may find ourselves. Primarily we have focused on loss following bereavement and loss following separation and divorce as these are the most common and key topics with which our community struggles. Future publications may focus in more detail on other aspects of loss. 


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