Praise & Fellowship Day

Praise & Fellowship Day 2019, Saturday 5th October, God willing

At held at  Henley-in-Arden School, Stratford Rd, Henley-in-Arden B95 6AF


Life brings ​us many challenges both to belief and belonging. There may be times when doubts crowd in upon us or circumstances make us ​want to withdraw  from others.

Far from showing us to be weak​, these challenges may well be the way that ​we can grow and develop towards spiritual maturity.  ​We learn far more from failure and loss than from ease and wellbeing.

In ​this Praise and ​Fellowship day we will be exploring these issues and considering positive ways to encourage ourselves,​and despite our doubts recognising  the benefits of belonging and  sharing ​those experiences,  doubts and concerns ​with others, and building a supportive church where this can be done in safety.

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