The Christadelphian Support Network's aims in publishing this booklet include:

  • To provide information and promote careful thought on the difficult and complex issues surrounding gender and sexuality
  • To encourage personal reflection on these matters
  • To suggest ways in which we may offer both compassion and support to those who come to identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual transgender or questioning about their sexuality.

The subject matter of this booklet is difficult, and the preparation of these notes has led to much prayer, soul searching and rigorous debate amongst the editorial team.

Through this process, we have come to more fully understand the diversity of humankind and the complexities of individual lives. But above this, we have each gained a heightened appreciation of the need for compassion for one another and also the love, mercy and forgiveness God offers to us, evidenced by the example set by our Lord. 

It is accepted that the Bible makes it clear that any form of sexual intimacy, other than in the context of a monogamous heterosexual marriage, is not what God intended nor desires.  That said, throughout scripture we see repeated examples of God working with and within the context of human frailty, with individuals in far less than ‘ideal’ relationships.

Some of the following thoughts may be considered stretching, possibly even controversial, but our prayerful hope is that they will stimulate discussion within our individual ecclesial communities which may be helpful whenever the need arises.


1. Introduction

2. Who is this booklet for?

3. Biblical principles

4. A view of the present situation

5. A view from history

6. Towards a greater understanding

7. People are different

8. What form of thought and behaviour is sin?

9. Other relationships and the Bible

10.If you are unsure about your gender or sexuality

11.If you are clear about your gender or sexuality

12.A challenge to all of us

13.Some further difficult and challenging questions

14.Concluding thoughts

Appendix 1: Parenting responsibilities and challenges
Appendix 2: A consideration of the sin of Sodom
Appendix 3: What is LGBTQ?

This booklet is the work of individual Christadelphians, informed by the insights and comments of some of those impacted by these matters and is endorsed by the CSN Committee.


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