Awareness day on Adult Autism

Awareness day - Adult Autism Spectrum Condition
Saturday October 31st 2020, Solihull Ecclesia hall
10.00 for 10.30am to 2.30pm

This is to give early notice of an event prompted and planned by those who are experiencing this condition together with others skilled in understanding and offering support.
Its aim is to inform, guide and support and give a greater understanding of what it means to be on this Spectrum Condition.
It is sometimes linked to high intelligence and motivation and can be evident in the following indications:

  • Difficulty interpreting what others are thinking or feeling.
  • Trouble interpreting facial expressions, body language, or social cues.
  • Difficulty regulating emotion.
  • Trouble keeping up a conversation.
  • Inflection that does not reflect feelings.

These are some of the topics that will be introduced on the day.
It may be you would like to provide a personal testimony of your experience of this condition for this to be available on the day. Please contact us at
A quiet room and easy access seating will be provided.
This invitation is to all who experience and who are interested in being able to offer sensitive support.

Programme to follow

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